For Hybrid, Evergreen and Anytime Access webinars, we are able to add a video in the studio. This is the last set up that you have to do before your Hybrid or Evergreen webinar starts or before gathering registrants for your Anytime Access webinar.

The studio is set up differently for these types of webinars. Note that there can only be one video per webinar.

Adding a Video

1. Select the webinar on your Home page.


3. In the studio, you will find a space provided for the video URL/embed code. For videos from the platform itself or from YouTube, the URL should be entered complete with http or https. For videos from other video hosting sites, the embed code should be entered.

Webinar Video URL

4. After entering the video URL/embed code, click the green Save button in the upper right corner of the page and you’re done! If you entered a URL from YouTube, it will show as an iframe code after saving.

Webinar Video URL

You got this Ninja!