With WebinarNinja, you have the option to turn the Countdown page ON or OFF.
When the Countdown page is ON and registrants log into your webinar page earlier than the schedule, instead of seeing the webinar page, they will be taken to the Countdown Page.
- Island Life

A Sample Countdown Page


Turning OFF the Countdown Page will allow your registrants to go straight to the webinar page once they log into the webinar. They will see the chat area and the video area with a message telling them the webinar will be begin shortly.

They can chat if you the host FIRST writes a message in the chat as the Host triggers the chat. See the note at the bottom of this post.

Follow the steps below to learn how to turn your countdown page ON or OFF.

  1. On the Home page, select the webinar that you want to edit.
  2. On the Webinar Info page, click on EDIT WEBINAR.

Edit Webinar Button

  1. There are 2 options to edit your webinar – Basic and Advanced. Select Advanced.
  2. Just below the countdown page link are the buttons ON and OFF. ON is selected by default. It means that your countdown page is enabled. Click OFF to turn it off.

Countdown On Off

Done! As mentioned, your registrants will now be taken straight to the webinar page whenever they log in to your webinar page earlier than the schedule if you have turned your countdown page off.

You got this Ninja!