Please use a Google Chrome browser when running your webinars now that we are using the new WebRTC technology for video broadcasting. Attendees can use Chrome or Firefox to attend your webinars. Other browsers that are not mentioned are not yet compatible with the platform at the moment.

  1. On your Home page, click CREATE A WEBINAR.
  2. On this page, Live Webinar is selected by default. Choose the type of webinar you want to run.
    1. Choose Live Webinar if you are going to run a webinar live on a one-time schedule.
    2. Choose Recurring Live Webinar if you are going to run a webinar live on multiple dates.
    3. Choose Evergreen Webinar if you are going to run a webinar with a pre-recorded webinar video either on a one-time schedule or on multiple dates.
    4. Choose Anytime Access if you want to run a webinar with a pre-recorded webinar video that can be accessed anytime by anyone who registers for your webinar.
    5. Choose Hybrid Webinar if you want to run a webinar with a pre-recorded webinar video with you (the host) being live on the webinar to interact with your audience using the features- Live Chat, Questions, Polls and Offers.
  3. In the webinar title field, type in the name of your webinar.
  4. In the webinar host(s) field, type in the name of the host(s).
  5. In the date and time field, select the date and time of your webinar. The time zone is determined by the platform based on your admin settings.
    1. With Recurring LiveEvergreen Webinars and Hybrid Webinars, you will have the option to add more date(s)/time(s). Just click the Add More Date/Time button to do so.
    2. With Anytime Access webinars, the date and time fields are not part of the options here as they can be accessed anytime at no specific schedule.
  6. The Free option is also selected by default. Leave it as it is.
  7. Click CREATE WEBINAR.Create a Free Webinar 1
  8. You will be taken to the Webinar Info page. You can find all the basic information about your webinar here. On this page, you can:
    1. Share your registration page link on social media.
    2. View the actual registration page for your webinar by clicking the registration page link.
    3. Start or prep your webinar by clicking ENTER THE STUDIO.
    4. Edit your webinar.
    5. Edit your email notifications.
    6. Clone or duplicate the webinar you created.
    7. Set the replay video duration/availability.
    8. Delete the webinar you have just created.Create a Free Webinar 2

Your Free Webinar is now created and saved.

If you created an Evergreen, Anytime Access Webinar or Hybrid Webinar, please follow this guide to learn how to add a video for the webinar.

If you created a Live or Recurring Live Webinar, click here to learn how to start your webinar.

Invite people to your webinar by providing them the link to the Registration Page given on your webinar info page and they can register from there. The actual links to the webinar pages are provided to the registrants via email after registration.

You got this Ninja!