A Hybrid Webinar is a type of webinar wherein a pre-recorded video is being played while the host is live to interact with the audience using the features- Chat, Questions, Polls and Offers. Follow the steps below to create and run a Hybrid Webinar.

STEP 1. To create a Hybrid Webinar, please follow this guide.

STEP 2. Embed your pre-recorded video in your Hybrid Webinar, please follow this guide.

STEP 3: The countdown page for Hybrid Webinars is turned ON by default. This means that your registrants are taken to a countdown page whenever they try to access the webinar before it has started. If you choose to turn your countdown page OFF, follow this guide. It is recommended in the case of a Hybrid Webinar to leave the countdown page ON.

STEP 4. To see if your pre-recorded video was successfully embedded on your webinar page, check by completing the following steps:

1 . Go to your Home page and select your webinar.


Edit Webinar Button

3. Click Advanced.

 Basic Advanced

4. On the bottom of the page, you should see your webinar page link. Click that link and it will open your webinar page in a new tab.

Webinar Page Link

5. On the webinar page, check to see if your pre-recorded video is properly embedded and playable.

STEP 5. If you turned the Countdown page turned OFF, you may need to remove the embed code of your prerecorded video so that early birds will not be able to watch the video in advance.

To remove the code, simply navigate back to The Studio of your webinar, empty the video field and hit the green Save button. You may want to save the embed code first on a notepad so you can simply paste it in time for your webinar schedule.

STEP 6. To start your Hybrid Webinar, follow these steps:

1. At least 30 minutes before the start time of your webinar, go to your Home page and select your webinar.

2. Click ENTER THE STUDIO to start your webinar.

Enter The Studio

3. Prepare your Offers or Polls if you need to. Follow this guide for your reference.

4. If your Countdown page is OFF and if you removed the embed code for your prerecorded video, now is the time to paste it in and hit the green Save button. You can also paste it in on the actual start time of your webinar, up to you. If your Countdown page is ON and the embed code is saved in the studio, your attendee’s browser tab will refresh automatically from the countdown page going to the attendee page.

5. Have fun! 🙂

You got this Ninja!