Do you want to change the title of your webinar? Change the date and time? Change the subtitle? Edit the host information? Replace the images? Then all you need to do is go back and edit your webinar.

  1. On the Home page, select the webinar that you want to edit.
  2. On the Webinar Info page, click on EDIT WEBINAR.Edit Webinar Button
  3. There are 2 options to edit your webinar – Basic and Advanced. If you select Basic, you will be able to edit the basic information of your webinar – webinar title, host , webinar date and time and Free or Paid). Make the edits and click Save once you’re done.Basic
  4. The Advanced mode is where you can edit all the pages of your webinar such as:
    1. Registration page – the landing page where people go to register for your webinar.
    2. Registration pop-up form – the small window that pops up when someone clicks the register button on your registration page.
    3. Thank you page – the page that people see after they have registered for your webinar.
    4. Countdown page – the page that people see when they visit your webinar page earlier than the schedule. You can turn this page ON or OFF.
    5. Webinar page – the actual page where you will host your webinar. This is where your webinar video and other webinar features will be displayed.
  5. WebinarNinja has built-in registration page templates for you to choose from if you want a more customized registration page. To change the registration page template, just click on the red CHANGE TEMPLATE button below the registration page link.
  6. The page will scroll down and display the templates available for you to choose from. Select any one of them by clicking on the template.Templates
  7. Once you click on a template, a pop-up will appear to confirm your action. Just click on YES to proceed.Template YN
  8. You will be taken to the registration page with the Live Editor. You can modify any element that has an edit button next to it.Edit Webinar 8
  9. There are also delete buttons for some elements that can be deleted if you don’t want them. Just edit or delete the elements as you wish.Edit Webinar 9
  10. Changing the colors of some elements is available as well.Edit Webinar 10
  11. Click the Preview button at the bottom of the page anytime you want to see what your registration page looks like.Edit Webinar 11
  12. Whenever available on the chosen template, you can also upload an image or embed a video on the page.
  13. When you are done editing your registration page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save. You can also hit Cancel if you do not wish to continue.Edit Webinar 12
  14. You can also go back to Advanced mode and edit your registration page and all other pages of you webinar. Just click on the green EDIT button below the page link that you want to edit.Advanced v3
  15. When you click on the EDIT button on any chosen page, you will be taken to the page’s Live Editor. Just as you have done in the steps above you will be able to edit those pages using the Live Editor to customize the chosen page.

You got this Ninja!