Auto-generated emails will automatically be sent out to your registrants at a pre-set time to remind them of your upcoming webinar. If you want to edit them, follow the procedure below.

  1. On the Home page, select the webinar that you want to edit the email notifications for.
  2. On the Webinar Info page, click EDIT EMAIL NOTIFICATION.Edit Email Notification Button
  3. Email #1 (Webinar Registration Confirmation) is static and cannot be rescheduled or deleted as it should be sent immediately after someone registers for your webinar, but you can edit what this email says.Email Notification List
    You can edit the rest of the email notifications by clicking the green EDIT EMAIL button in the last column on the right. To change when an email notification sends out, click the yellow EDIT TIME button. To delete an email notification, just click the red DELETE button.
  4. When you click the EDIT EMAIL button, you would be redirected to the page where you can edit the email notification you selected. The From Email field will automatically populate with your default email address. If you want to change the default “From Email” address, you can follow this tutorial here.
  5. In the Subject field, you can change the name or title of your email notification.
  6. In the Message field, modify the content of your email notification. You can put text, images, links and more. Do not remove or edit the texts inside the braces (or email tags) as they will be automatically populated with the right information for your webinar. Learn the different email tags that you can use in the email notifications.
  7. Click Send Test Email if you want to see a sample of your email notification sent straight to your inbox.
  8. Click Save once you are done editing your email notification.Edit Email Template

You got this Ninja!