We have integrated some Email Marketing Platforms (EMP) with WebinarNinja to help you get the emails you will collect from your webinars. However, some of you may be using EMP’s that are not integrated with WebinarNinja at the moment. Or, you’re not using any EMP as of yet because you’re just getting started. This is where the export function can really help.

You can export your email list gathered from WebinarNinja and save it as a .CSV file. This is a file that can easily be opened with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. You can follow the steps below to start exporting your email list.

  1. Click on Statistics and More on the menu on the left.Statistics and More
  2. Select your webinar from the drop-down box. You can select one webinar or all of your saved webinars.Stats Drop Down
  3. On the Webinar Registered Users area, you’ll find a drop-down box where there are 3 selections (All Registrants, Attendees and Non-Attendees).
    – By selecting All Registrants, you will be downloading the file with all the email addresses collected from the webinar you selected.
    – By selecting Attendees, you will be downloading the file that contains the email addresses of the attendees of the webinar you selected.
    – By selecting Non-Attendees, you will be downloading the file that contains the email addresses of the registrants who did not attend your selected webinar.- Webinar ninja
  4. Click on Export To CSV to start downloading the file.
  5. Click OK on the pop-up message that should appear next.
  6. Save the .CSV file on your computer where it can be easily located.
  7. Open the file with any program compatible with .CSV files like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

You got this Ninja!