The function of integration between MailChimp and WebinarNinja is to synchronize the collected email addresses from WebinarNinja to MailChimp so that you won’t have to manually export the email list and import them into your email marketing platform. Follow the steps below to start integrating MailChimp with WebinarNinja.

1. Log in to your MailChimp account.

2. Go to

3. Scroll down and click Create a Key.

MailChimp Create A Key

4. Scroll down and copy your API Key.

MailChimp API Key

5. Log in to your WebinarNinja Account.

6. Click on Integrations.

7. Click on Emails.

8. Click on the MailChimp logo.


9. Paste your API Key.

10. Click Integrate and then click OK on the pop-up that comes up.

MailChimp Key

11. Click Submit on any webinar you wish to sync the email list with your integrated email marketing platform.


You got this Ninja!