The Offers tab allows you to post an offer and show it during the webinar and even after the webinar– it’s up to you.

To prepare your Offers button/s, please follow the steps below:

1. Select your webinar from your Home page.

2. Click Enter the Studio. (Select ‘I’m starting my real webinar’ when asked)

Enter The Studio

3. Click on the Offers Tab to start editing your offers button/s.

Offers Tab

4. The heading of this tab is called Offer Title – you can edit this by clicking the pencil icon on its left.

Offers - Heading

5. Edit the description of the heading by clicking the pencil icon on the left of ‘Offer details are place here’.

Offers - Description

6. You can add up to 5 offer buttons on this tab. To edit what the button says, click the edit icon right inside the button.

Offers - Button - Edit

7. To put a link on the button, click the link icon right next to edit.

Offers - Button - Link

8. To change the color of the buttons, click the color palette icon.

Offers - Button - Color

9. To remove the unused buttons, click on the gray (-) button right next to each button.

Offers - Button - Remove

10. If you want to bring back the buttons  you removed, just click the Refresh icon located on the right of the first offer button.

Offers - Button - Refresh

11. Click Save when you’re done.

Offers - Save

12. When you turn your offers ON, you are activating this tab for your audience to see. So turn this on only if you are done editing and if your offers are final.

Offers - ON

13. When you turn your offers OFF, you are deactivating this tab, thus your audience won’t see the offers. Also, when this is off, you will be able to edit your offers from the heading, description, colors, etc. You can edit the offers before, during and after the webinar. Don’t forget to click Save every time after you are done editing the offers.

Offers - OFF

You got this Ninja!