Your audience may now register to your webinar in just one click! Yes, we now have the One-Click Registration integration for your email marketing!

With this integration, people can just click a button or a link inside your email campaign and they will be automatically registered to your webinar. When they click the link/button, they will be taken to your webinar’s thank you page and they will also receive a separate email confirmation for the registration.

How do we use this integration?

1. Make sure that you have already created a webinar. If not, please click here to learn how to create one.

2. The supported email marketing platforms are shown in the screenshot below. If your email marketing platform is not in the drop-down list, it means that it is not supported yet and it may be added in the future.

NOTE: MailChimp’s integration with One-click registration is disabled for now. We will let all users know once we have got this up and running again. Other platforms other than MailChimp are working with the One-click registration.

3. Create an email campaign with your email marketing platform, in this tutorial, we are going to use MailChimp as an example. Presuming that you are done creating your campaign in the editor/builder, one of your last steps is to just add a text or a button for the One-Click Registration Integration. See below:

MailChimp has a drag-and-drop style campaign builder/editor so just drag the button/text element to your editor so it will be added.

2016 08 11 1

2016 08 11 1

4. After dragging your chosen element to your editor, you should be seeing its customization options. Go back to your WebinarNinja account, click Integrations > One-Click Integration.

- Webinar ninja

5. Find the webinar you want to use the integration with and choose MailChimp (in this case) from the drop-down, and click COPY LINK as shown below.

2016 08 11 2

6. Go back to your MailChimp campaign builder and paste the link into your element so that it redirects to that link. See below:


1. Type in your CTA text

2. Make sure that the Link to drop-down is set to Web Address.

3. Paste the URL you copied from the integration in the Web Address (URL) field.

4. Modify your button color, style, size as well as your text font style to your preference. Don’t forget to hit Save & Close so your edits are saved.

Campaign Builder Template Designer MailChimp


1. Type in your CTA text, modify the font size, color, style, etc.

2. Click the Link button. See below.

Campaign Builder Template Designer MailChimp

3. Paste the URL you copied from the integration and click Insert.

4. Click Save & Close, the gray button on the bottom of the text editor. See the image above.

Note to ConvertKit users: When creating your Broadcast, make sure to select the email template Text Only before clicking on Save or Next Step as shown below:


7. You can test to see if the integration is properly set-up. Simply send a test email to yourself or any available email address that you have.

2016 08 11 3

8. Once the test email is received, just click your integrated CTA button/text from that email and see to it that:

1. It takes you to your webinar’s thank you page on a browser tab,

Your thank you page URL (for FREE webinars) can be found in EDIT WEBINAR > ADVANCED.

2. You get an email to confirm that you are registered for the webinar and

3. Your email is added to your webinar registrations.

To learn where to find your registrations, please refer to this guide.

If everything from the integration side is good to go, don’t forget to save or finalize your email campaign.

You got this Ninja!