In order to pre-record a webinar with WebinarNinja, you would be taking advantage of the fact that live webinars are automatically recorded and stored in Media Manager, ready to be downloaded and/or shared.

Follow these steps below:

  1. Create a live webinar.
  2. To prepare for your webinar, enter the studio. When prompted, click I’m starting my real webinar. In the studio, your camera feed should be immediately visible next to the chat area.
    • If you plan to share your screen or your slides during the webinar, you will need an attendee logged on the webinar page. You may ask a friend or use another computer to log in yourself. Alternatively, you can click This is a test webinar upon entering the Studio. This will open the webinar page in another tab. Keep this tab open to ensure that Screen Share works correctly.
    • If you clicked This is a test webinar, you may also want to disable the audio coming from the webinar page by clicking on the speaker icon floating over the video. Plugging in earphones would work as well. Check out this guide for more info on running a test webinar.
  3. Click Start Broadcast in the studio whenever you’re ready to start recording.
  4. When you’re done, click Stop Broadcast and the page should reload to process the recording in place. Your recording may be processed almost instantly or in a few minutes depending on how long your recording is. The recording will then be available in Media Manager, ready to be used for your pre-recorded webinars.
  5. If you haven’t already, create a new webinar for your pre-recorded video. Take the link to your recording from Media Manager then place it in the webinar studio.
    • You may create an Evergreen, Anytime access, or Hybrid webinar to use your pre-recorded video with. Take a look at the different types of webinars that you can create with WebinarNinja.

You got this Ninja!