Questions, Polls, and Offers appear as tabs right underneath the webinar video in The Studio. These tabs are available for live webinars. Aside from using the chat area, these tabs add interactivity between you and your attendees during the webinar.

Interactive Tabs

Go to The Studio at any time after you’ve set up your webinar to familiarize yourself with these tabs or to prepare for the event. Click on the webinar title from the Home page and then click Enter The Studio.


The Questions tab allows your attendees to post questions that will be visible to you and everyone in the webinar without it getting lost and buried in amongst the chat messages. When a question is posted and you’re on a different tab, a little pop-up notification will appear.

Notification on Tabs

Click on Questions to see what your attendees have posted.

Open Questions

Click on Start Answering and deliver a spoken answer onto the mic/camera. Click on End Answering when you’re done. This will specify the minute mark when you answered a question on the video.

Open questions appear under the sub-tab Open Questions while answered ones will appear under Answered. Comments can also be posted on each question by you or your attendees.

Question Comments

The host can also delete a question. Just click the X icon beside the open question.

Delete Question

When the webinar is over, a Show Answer button will be available for each question on the webinar page, as well as on the replay page. Clicking on Show Answer will skip the video to the minute mark where the question is answered.

Answered Questions


The Polls tab allows you to post a question, like a survey, for your attendees during the webinar as a poll.

Click on Create a Poll to post a question and provide at least 2 answers. Add more than two answers if you’d like. Click on Add when you’re done.

Creating Polls

Your attendees can then vote on an answer and the results will instantly appear. You can post more questions for your attendees by clicking on Create a Poll.



The Offers tab allows you to post an offer and show it during the webinar, for the entire duration of the webinar and even after the webinar – it’s up to you. Create offers after you have set up your webinar pages.

Creating Offers

For a comprehensive guide on how to set up your Offers, please refer to this tutorial post- Set Up Your Offers Tab.



  • To keep your focus on your webinar, work on the Offers tab before you start your webinar.
  • Keep The Studio open to keep your webinar running and utilize these tabs. It’s important to interact with your attendees and keep them engaged during your webinar.

You got this Ninja!