If you want to test a webinar before running an actual webinar with live attendees, you will have to create a test webinar, run it and attend it by yourself or with a partner. You can also follow this guide if you want to record a live webinar so you can use the recording for later. To easily and quickly do this, follow the steps provided below.


• Please use a Google Chrome browser when running your webinars now that we are using the new WebRTC technology for video broadcasting. Attendees can use Chrome or Firefox to attend your webinars. Other browsers that are not mentioned are not yet compatible for LIVE webinars with the platform at the moment. Learn how to also update Chrome to the latest version.

• If you’re on WiFi, hard wire your computer to your router. To ensure that your internet connection is dedicated for the live webinar.

• Keep the programs running on your computer at the minimum to ensure that your computer is dedicated to only process what you are currently doing which is the live webinar. Close all the other programs that you don’t need for your live webinar.

1. On your Home page, click CREATE A WEBINAR.

2. On this page, Live Webinar is selected by default. Leave it as it is.

3. In the webinar title field, type in the name of your webinar.

4. In the webinar host(s) field, type in the name of the host(s).

5. In the date and time field, select your current date and time. The time zone is determined by the platform based on your admin settings.

6. The Free option is also selected by default. Leave it as is.



8. You will be taken to the webinar info page. At this point, be sure to have your mic and camera all set up and ready before anything else. Also, if you need any other materials, such as slide presentations and cheat sheets, have those ready as well.


Enter The Studio

10. A popup will display and provide you with three options. Please select the second option – This is a test webinar.

test webiner

11. Right after clicking the button, a new browser tab will open up automatically, this is to ensure that you are signed in to your own test webinar and so you can see everything that’s going on the attendee’s side. To avoid audio feedback, be sure to either use headphones or simply disable the audio on this new tab by clicking on the speaker icon that floats over the live video. Please DO NOT CLOSE this new browser tab unless you have a partner to log in as a test attendee.

12. You can switch between the browser tabs to have the host’s view and the attendee’s view now. Go to the host’s view (The Studio) to start.

13. Once inside The Studio, your mic and camera should be picked up automatically. If not, check your browser settings, to give permission for mic and camera. At this link, you can learn how to do this. Please refer to the guide, Set Up your Mic and Camera.

14. Click on Start Broadcast to begin.

Start Broadcast

15. While broadcasting your test live webinar, test as much as you can (camera, mic, video on the attendee’s side, screen share, slide presentation, adding a co-host, etc) to ensure that everything is properly set up and that you are prepared before the actual webinar. Try to explore some of the features like:

• Sharing a window/program on your computer using the Screen Share feature.
• Sharing a Keynote or PowerPoint slide presentation in Presentation mode.
• Setting up your Offers tab.
• Using the Chat area.
• Try the other tabs like Questions and Polls.
• Invite a co-host.

16. Click the Stop Broadcast button only if you want to end your test webinar.

Stop Broadcast

You got this Ninja!