Webinar Ninja allows you to share your screen during a webinar. You may want to talk over a PowerPoint, Slides, or Keynote presentation or you may simply wish to show your attendees something on your screen – a page, a website, a program – whatever is on your screen. This is done right in The Studio.

Here is a quick video tutorial on this awesome feature:


You must use a Google Chrome browser and our Google Chrome extension to use this feature. If you have not added the Chrome extension before starting your webinar, no problem. You will get a pop-up prompt right when you click on Screen Share. Click OK to go to the Chrome Web Store and click on Add To Chrome to add the extension. A pop-up notification will tell you when it’s added. You can then click Screen Share once more to choose which window to share and start sharing your screen.

Screen Share Button

You must prepare your materials first by having them open on your screen.

You may click on Screen Share at any point – whenever you’re ready – after the broadcast has started.

Share Screen Choose Screen

Choose to either share your entire screen or just the program that you want to show. Your camera feed will then be side-by-side with your screen feed and a resize button will appear when your mouse cursor is over the video. This button will automatically be hidden as soon you put your mouse cursor away.

Share Screen Split Screen

Click on the resize button so that your screen feed will take up the entire screen. You can speak over your mic during the screen share. Click on Resize to bring it back side-by-side with your camera feed. This is the button to use for when you have to switch between your camera and your screen.

To stop the screen sharing, click on Stop sharing, a button found floating at the bottom part of your screen. It will then bring your camera feed back in fullscreen.

NOTE: To share your PowerPoint, Slides, or Keynote Presentation we have another tutorial that walks you through that – see Sharing Slide Presentations in Presentation Mode


  • Be sure to prepare any materials you may need before starting your webinar.
  • Please add the WebinarNinja Share Your Screen Chrome extension before starting your webinar here.

You got this Ninja!