Here’s a checklist before setting up your mic and camera to work with WebinarNinja.


Follow the steps below to set up your mic and camera:

1. Select your webinar on the Home page.


3. Once in The Studio to get your webinar started, your microphone and camera should automatically be picked up.

Mic and Camera

4. On Chrome: A pop-up message will ask for your permission to use your mic and camera. Click Allow.

Mic and Camera Permission

5. If you have to use a different mic and/or camera that’s already connected and detected by your computer, you will need to click on the camera icon on the address bar and select your preferred devices from there. This camera icon will only be visible when you’re in The Studio and ready to start the webinar. You may have to refresh the page once you’ve selected your preferred devices.

Mic and Camera Set Up

6. On Firefox: A pop-up message will ask for your permission as to which device you want to use. Simply select it from there and then click Share Selected Devices.

The Studio on Firefox

7. Once your preferred devices are selected, your mic and camera will be picked up. You will be ready to start your webinar!

8. If your mic and camera are STILL not picked up after you do a test, you can go into your Chrome advanced settings:

Chrome > Preferences > Settings > Show Advanced Settings (this will be at the bottom left) > Privacy> Content Settings –  In this section you have the Mic and Camera settings to check.

Chrome Preferences

This last step may not be necessary but it’s there just in case your mic /camera aren’t found the first time round.

You got this Ninja!