Share The Stage is a feature to invite an attendee or a co-host to speak on the webinar. You are able to have up to 4 people as hosts, including yourself.

To Share The Stage with an attendee or a co-host, you need to be in the studio. When inviting a co-host, they need to be logged into the webinar as an attendee and be on the webinar page. You can then invite them following the procedure below at any time after clicking Start Broadcast.

Share The Stage

Click on the Attendees tab under the webinar video where you will find a list of your attendees. Find the name of the co-host/attendee you would like to invite on your webinar (Ctrl+F can be helpful for this). The Share The Stage link will only appear when you put your mouse cursor by the name of the co-host that you want to invite. Click on Share Stage to invite the co-host and a pop-up notification will ask for your confirmation.

Share The Stage Pop Up

The co-host you invited will then get a pop-up notification and they will have to click Join.

Their camera feed will then appear side-by-side with your camera feed and the following buttons will appear when your mouse cursor is over the video; ResizeMic, Camera, and Close. These buttons will automatically be hidden as soon you put your mouse cursor away.

  • Resize: Click to bring yourself or your co-host to full screen. Click again to bring it back side-by-side.
  • Mic: Click to turn the microphone off. Click again to turn it back on.
  • Camera: Click to turn off the camera – a silhouette will then display as seen on the screenshot. Click again to turn it back on.
  • Close: Clicking on the Close button will terminate your co-host’s camera feed and bring your own camera feed back in full screen. Your co-host will then be back to the webinar page.

As the (primary) webinar host, only you have the ability to control the camera feed.


  • Send an invitation to Share The Stage only once the webinar has started. Your co-host won’t be able to receive the invitation at any point before the webinar start time.
  • You can only send an invitation to Share The Stage once for each co-host. If in any case they failed to join through the invitation, they’d have to refresh their webinar page for you to be able to invite them again.
  • Your mic will be initially disabled upon entering the studio. Once Start Broadcast is clicked, it will be enabled automatically.
  • Hosts and co-hosts can use either Chrome or Firefox to share the stage.


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