With WebinarNinja you can share your slides in presentation/play mode during your webinar. This means your audience will see your slides in full screen presentation mode and you can teach/talk over your slides.

Screen Share Button

To learn how to share your screen during a live webinar, click the image above.

To share your Slide Presentation in full screen/presentation mode, simply choose Screen Share and then choose Entire Screen.

Share Screen Choose Screen


Your audience will see exactly what is on your screen. Remember to click on the resize button over the screen share panel to maximize it and take over the entire webinar video, which will also temporarily hide your camera feed.

Share Screen Split Screen


Now, all you need to do is navigate to your presentation and go into full screen/presentation mode.

When you want to stop sharing your screen, click the Stop Sharing button that hovers at the bottom of the video. You can then go back to your browser where your studio is to go back to interacting with audience.

You got this Ninja!