You’ve created your webinar and you’ve got registrants waiting for you to begin. Be sure to have your mic and camera all set up and ready before anything else. Also, if you need any other materials, like slide presentations and cheat sheets, have them ready as well.


Please use a Google Chrome browser for running your webinars now that we are using the new WebRTC technology for video broadcasting. Attendees can use Chrome or Firefox to attend your webinars. Other browsers that are not mentioned are not yet compatible for LIVE webinars with the platform at the moment.

1. Select the webinar you want to run or start on the Home page.


Enter The Studio

3. You will then be prompted if this is going to be a test or an actual webinar. If you’re running a test webinar, you may refer to this guide.

4. Clicking I’m starting my real webinar will get you ready in The Studio where you will be able to set up your Offers before starting your webinar.

I'm starting my real webinar

5. Once inside The Studio, your mic and camera should be picked up automatically. If not, check your browser settings, to give permission for mic and camera. At this link, you can learn how to do this. Also, refer to the guide, Set Up your Mic and Camera.

6. Right on the webinar start time, click on Start Broadcast to begin. Clicking on it earlier than the start time does not start the webinar for your attendees. Your attendees will be on your countdown page until the actual start time of your webinar. Unless, you have turned your countdown page off.

Start Broadcast

7. Click the Stop Broadcast button only if you want to end your webinar.

Stop Broadcast

You got this Ninja!