In The Studio, the chat area is found right next to the webinar video. Using the chat area, your attendees can chat with you and other attendees.

Note: There is currently no option to disable the chat tool. We will have this option on our next major update.

The screenshot below shows you what the chat area looks like right next to the webinar video in The Studio.

Chat Area

Type in your message in the space provided at the bottom of the chat area and then click Send. You may also hit Enter/Return to send your message.

Your own sent messages will appear on the right side of the chat area, while all of your attendees’ messages will appear on the left.

Note: For your picture and attendees’ picture to appear next to their name in the chat, they will need to create a free Gravatar.


Keep The Studio open to keep your webinar running and to utilize the chat area.

You got this Ninja!